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Punam Shah Singh

My work has given me the ability to contribute to the financial needs of the family and not rely solely on my husband’s income. It’s also given me a stronger purpose in life and sense of importance

Kanchhi Maharjan

I used to work in the fields to support my family but thanks to my experience of using handlooms to make Haku Patasi (a traditional dress of Newar girls) I was able to get a job at NPI-Collection. Within a week I learned to weave Pashmina. I enjoy my work a lot more than growing vegetables.

Maya Shrestha
Supervisor of the Finishing Department

I never imaged that I would be able to have a well-educated son when I came to Kathmandu. Now my son is studying for a BSc. I can reflect with pride on what I and my family have achieved.

Sushma Thapa
Finishing Department

I came here to Kathmandu a year ago to continue my studies without the financial support of my parents. After completing 12th grade I am now planning to continue my studies, like many other colleagues in the company, by going to college in the morning.

Radhika Rimal

I value contributing to the expenses of educating our daughters, and having skills over and above those needed for household chores.

Ajay Lamichhane
Knitting Department

I recently completed my studies but now it’s my wife’s turn to study. Working at Guru supports our family: my commitment was recognised with a prize as ‘best employee’ last year.

Kopila Poudel
Knitting supervisor

I feel proud to say that I have my own small but cosy home and provide the principle income for our family of five. I enjoy my work because of the team spirit among colleagues and the friendly environment at the workplace.

Chandra Thapa Giri
Designer and Quality Controller

After completing a BSc in Apparel and Fashion Design I have been actively involved in designing products to meet the exacting demands of international customers. I feel proud that my designs are appreciated by customers of many different countries.