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Our Values


The Chyangra Pashmina® label is a guarantee that the final product is made in Nepal from selected fine fabrics, containing a minimum of 51% cashmere, including the most precious fibers of the unique Himalayan mountain goat, or fiber of a similar quality from other origins, mixed with other natural fibers such as silk, wool or cotton. Manufactured according to strict quality standards which ensure environmentally friendly production with no child labor, Chyangra Pashmina labeled products support the responsible development of the Nepalese economy.


Traditional methods of production, combined with modern machinery and carefully sourced and managed materials respect the sustainability and beauty of the local environment. Chyangra Pashmina fibers are collected regularly every spring after being shed naturally. The goats are not harmed by extracting pashmina fibers and grow a new layer of wool for the following winter.


More than twenty five thousand people (the majority being women) are directly employed in the Chyangra Pashmina industry in Nepal. Local and international organizations are committed to the maintenance of high standards of animal husbandry, the maintenance of local craft skills and training in new technical and managerial competencies. A cornerstone of the local economy, increasing production of genuine Chyangra Pashmina is expected to result in an improved quality of life for the people of this under-developed region.

Taken from the underbelly of the Himalayan goats, Chyangra Pashmina is so delicate (under 17 microns in diameter) that it needs highly skilled artisans to spin the finest quality of yarn. A skilled spinner can produce only around fifty grams per day. The soft, warm, luxurious and elegant Chyangra Pashmina yarn is woven or knitted into materials and has a wide variety of applications such as shawls, stoles, blankets, scarves, sweaters, cardigans and various accessories. Chyangra Pashmina is a natural insulator: warm in winter and easy to wear in summer. Best of all, articles made from Chyangra Pashmina become treasured possessions that last many years, becoming softer and more beautiful with use.  Not all of the fibres used in Chyangra Pashmina originate from Nepal: high quality materials are also sourced from other origins.